Tea Shares

  • Festival Calendar

    Learn to conduct tea ceremony,
    at one of the coolest festivals
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  • Elementary Festival 2023

    29th June -3rd July


    "the world's friendliest little festival"

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  • Buddhafield Festival 2023

    12th July -16th July


    a celebration of community and connection with the land

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  • All About Love 2023 Festival

    2nd Aug -8th Aug


    Syncronicity surrounds us all

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  • Medicine Festival 2023

    17th Aug -21st Aug


    Interweaving communities and bridging cultures

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  • Into the Wild 2023

    24th Aug -28th Aug

    West Sussex

    A festival of nature, of family, of connection

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  • Love Jam 2023

    7th Sept -11th Sept

    Tunbridge Wells

    a nationwide family on a mission to inspire

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