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LoveJam Campout 2023



Lovejam Campout 2023

 Eridge Park - Eridge, Tunbridge Wells TN3 9JT, UK 
 Sep 7, 2023 13:00 - Sep 11, 2023 11:42 (GMT +01:00 London)

We are a nationwide family on a mission to inspire creativity, sobriety & positive transformation for people, community & planet.


For over half a decade we have been bringing like minded humans together in the ceremony of celebration. To celebrate life, authentic expression & all forms of creative juiciness.


You may have heard of our intimate community focused vibe, our authentic co-created expression or the diverse & plentiful spontaneity of musical co-creation throughout our events ...


The Lovejam Campout is no different, this is the foundation of our community, this is the annual gathering of the tribe ...


Expect 4 days of celebration, self-expression, & rejuvenation. Built on foundations of acceptance, community, healing & of course, love.


Our intention is … 


To experience community connection on the deepest levels.


To help us feel at home with a sense of belonging. 


To facilitate joy, happiness & inner peace.  


To leave us all feeling better, more energised & in flow.


To help us connect on a deeper level with our truth & with our highest expression of self.


To create supportive networks for healing & vulnerability. 


To create incredible art & provide a platform for all to share their gifts.


To spark deeper self-awareness.


To remember our true spirit & the spirit of nature.


To inspire & encourage creative spirit.


To embody a positive solution to the issues of today.


To remember the dormant ancient wisdom & to reconnect us with the elements & Mother Earth. 


To have an incredibly fun, playful & meaningful time doing it!


Hearts & hugs,

We lovejam you <3


The lovejam crew xxx