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Qi-Tea - Philosopher

Qi-Tea - Philosopher

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There’s a lot of depth in the experience of drinking this tea.

The smell is immediately very strong and sweet, the tea can transform further into even more of a work of art.

High notes are present, even when steeping with a lot of leaves there are no off-flavours.

Some calming Qi but mostly it’s a very more-ish Tea generating creativity with a lot of depth and patience.

Dry storage really helped preserve the character of this cake.

After 10 years in Kunming it has been stored for the last 3 years in Taiwan to awaken and enliven it.

This is a genuine T4 very near to T4+ with an excellent pricing for what it is, this is one of my best taiwan stored “small factory”/”private label” finds, tea of this quality in the west (and in china!) is very inaccessible and costs multiples of this.

Not much is known about this tea because its wrapper reports incorrect information, our best educated guess (after sending samples to a few very experienced friends) is it contains Xishuangbanna old tree material, and it was made sometime around 2010.

Tier 4 - Extrordinary

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