• Walk the Talk Wear Nature

    Grounding Activewear,

    teaching us the skill of presence.

    These seeds are alive, unique and personal;

    individual just to you

    - Bless You -

    Walk the Talk 
  • Palden Lhamo

    The Terrifying Female Protector aspect of Tara.
    The most powerful protector diety in Buddhist history.
    She is the fierce aspect of wisdom.
    She is the mother who can lift a car off of a trapped child
    the awesome power of a furious mother.
    super wrathful, enraged, in her power;
    nothing, absolutely nothing, can stand against Her.

    Palden Lhamo 
  • Tooling for the Art of Presence

    Prayer bead , counting bead , worry bead ,
    massage bead , Practice bead...

    Whatever we tell our head , Rudraksha in our hands, reminds us into the grounding art of presence.

    Our hands are inescapably in the present, in direct contact with our emotions. When we touch, we have the opportunity to get out of our head and time travel to the present.

    These tactile seeds, feel good in the hand,
    it is comforting to rub them between our palms,
    run them over our fingers

    - an, that’s good enough -

    Tooling Presence 
  • Your Rudraksha

    A wall of hands

    Hope you join us

    Visit the Handwall 


  • Boudhanath Kathmandu Nepal

    Birthplace of Buddha ,
    tiny, tolerant, welcoming and companionate,
    tucked in the Himalayas ,
    between the rivalling big sisters:
    China & India

    Qerebu is handmade, by Tibetan Buddhists,
    overlooking the stupa ring at Boudhanath,
    then Puga cleansed by Monks.
    A tradition from the dawn of Buddhism.

    Brought to you Dogma free,
    As well,



    spiritually clean

    Thank you

    for your support

  • ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ Rudraksha ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎‎ ‎Root Chakra ‎ ‎‎Tree Energy

    Rudra : Shiva

    Aksha : Eyes
    Tears of Shiva

    No single tree is as rich with scriptural references,
    spiritual myths and legends as Rudraksha

    From the ancient Vedas:
    Shiva, contemplating the fate of mankind,
    cried a tear, where it fell, arose this tree.

    Deeply tied to Shiva,

    rooted nature, growth, grounding,
    Hinduism & Buddhism

    Rudraksha is traditionally correlated with our first chakra
    also called the Root Chakra,
    situated at our ‘root’, just off the end of the spinal cord

    It is associated with our sense of
    survival, stability, security and groundedness.

    Root Chakra 
  • Elaeocarpus Ganitrus

    Grow across south asia, but in the foothills of the Himalayas,
    the climate is favoured
    Among Rudraksha trees, the ones in Nepal,
    especially from Dingla region, are the most valued.
    decidedly preferred to Rudraksha grown in tropical climates.
    There is a large conterfit problem; knowing provenience is crucial.

    Rudraksha is a

    60 foot,

    broad-leaved evergreen tree,

    buttress roots.
    The fruit is blue So, it is also known as blueberry beads.
    The blue colour is not derived from pigment, but it is structural.
    (Like a butterfly)
    Peeling away the blue pulp reveals the endocarp (seed case)
    which amazingly, has a natural stringing hole

  • Ayvedic Medicine

    Rudraksha has been cherished across Asia for thousands of years,
    for spiritual and medicinal qualities.
    Held to be very mysterious,
    it is regarded as highly sacred and precious.

    - Eye of Shiva -
    said to be the most sacred object in the spiritual world,
    the symbolic link between earth and heaven.

    Spiritual tooling for any practice,
    an instrument

    for inner transformation,
    as these seeds will ground you,
    assist to

    help quiet

    the monkey mind

    and feel more at peace.

    Used to calm the nervous system, reduce stress, and

    dissipate fear



  • Original Art

    Each seed ring

    is natural,


    original art,
    and is traded

    as such:
    individually numbered.

    The one you choose,
    is the one you get.

    Living Semi-Precious Gems
    Rare or unique seeds
    are valued
    similarly as

    semi-precious stones,
    fetching prices

    into multiple

    tens of thousands

    per seed

    Living gemstones
    that fell from a tree,

    with a natural hole for stringing

    The original rosary of every religion

    -Go Nature -

    Original Art 
  • You are the Polish as well as the Polisher

    A co-created growing enriching relationship
    made of you, by you.
    The seed, new to you, is clean absorbent wood.

    As you wear,

    it absorbs oil,

    your oils.
    Your ring will darken in colour, bonding with you.

    - History Bond -
    Every emotion,
    all our ups

    and downs,
    come through our skin, through our oils,
    polishing a history of our time.

    The longer we wear,

    the deeper the colour,
    the deeper our history-bond.

    this is personal jewellery you never share.
    Let the seeds be oiled by you with your oil alone;
    this is your tool to find your practice in your own way,
    whatever that may be;
    keep it personal,
    keep it yours.

    Polish - Polisher 
  • Caring for Your Seeds

    These living seeds,

    if cared for, will live for hundreds of years.

    Not too wet
    Not too Dry

    Too wet and the seed case will get the signal to sprout, cracking

    the seed casing,

    the endocarp. Occasional rain is fine, but maybe advisable to remove for washing dishes and bathing.
    Too dry, and they will crack, they do not do as well living in a drawer. It is said, they are most alive when one wears them, active in the hand.

    Oil, rubbed in

    or rubbed away

    Seeds getting clogged with standing oil will go black and die.
    The seeds are living wood, they want to absorb protective oil, but do not want to be over soaked.

    As we rub excess polish off furniture, we want to rub excess oil off our seeds.
    To clean use a stiff brush

    Care & Feeding 
  • G-Bead Practice

    The Coloured bead, ‘the G-bead’, is a marker.
    A start-finish marker when one works a practice.

    Loop the seed-ring over your fingers,
    thumb on the G-bead.

    With your thumb, pull onto the first seed,
    give it a quarter turn.
    Again, with your thumb, pull onto the second seed,
    give it a quarter turn.

    Repeat through all the seeds for a circumvolution
    of the seed-ring, from G-bead, around the ring,
    back to the G-bead.

    After a complete revolution of the ring,
    rather than continue in the same direction,
    spin the seed-ring 180 degrees,
    and continue in the direction from which you came.

    This gives the practice swing,
    the feel of a figure eight,
    the flow of the infinity symbol.

    Grounding Practice