The Sublime Art of Tea Ceremony

 The Sublime Art of Tea Ceremony - Dave & Debbie drinking Tea
Among plant medicines,
Puerh Tea is the most subtle and profound:
the most subtle is the most transformative because it goes the deepest in our beings.

Kung Fu Style

thought-provoking and at the same time relaxing
creating a close connection to nature

Small Tea Pot - Small Cups,
Lot o Leaves 
Multiple Short Brews

- Savour Slowly -

Prep: Put 3-6g of tea for 1-2 peeps, 6-12g for 3-4, into a small teapot ( big ones will oversteep the tea). Pour boiling water in the teapot, and immediately discard this first “wash”, this is both to open and clean the Tea
(make an offering).
Steeping: , again pour boiling water into the teapot, let steep for 5 seconds, decant into a small pitcher, fill the cups of all participants; drink, repeat.
At first make very fast infusions (5 seconds),  if the Tea feels weak slowly increase the infusion time; if too strong, decrease the infusion time.
One can get 12+ infusions before the tea feels too weak to continue.
The last act, is to scatter the spent leaves back into nature (make an offering).
Try to keep tea taste strong and noticeable but without any overwhelming astringency or bitterness. You achieve this with a combination of steeping time, heat, amount of tea in teapot and teapot size.
Congratulations, all the “hard” work is done, now just relax and start watching your breath. Good Tea should really help you concentrate, this is a very easy way of telling tea quality