conducive - connecting - mindful

1 tiny pot , 6g tea , tiny cups ; fast invusions - over and over and over

Tea Ceremony

Aged Puerh Teas - Shared Moving Meditation

  • Doing with Knowing

    Shared Moving

    Helping the flow
    of Qi around the body.

    Opening channels
    to the core of our being.


    Doing with Knowing 
  • XiShuangBanNa Yunnan China

    "twelve thousand acres" in the local Dai (Thai) language.
    it is the two thousand year old home of tea.
    Brought to be, along the Tibetian Tea Horse road

  • Camellia Sinensis

    Pu’erh Tea is from Tea Trees, growing in the dense Yunnan rainforest (birthplace of Tea): Aged, fermented for years.
    Puerh is the original tea, processed old school.

    Camillia Sinensis 
  • The Sublime Art of Tea Ceremony

    Among plant medicines,
    Puerh Tea is the most subtle and profound: the most subtle is the most transformative because it goes the deepest in our beings.

    Art of Tea Ceremony 

The Philosopher - 2010

Soft Breeze old Tree
A very more-ish Tea with a lot of depth and patience


Metta - Loving Kindness - 2004

This tea is soft and gentle,
goes on for a long time with very good sweetness


Goddess Of Clarity - 2005

Hint of smokiness, balanced strength, touch of astringency,
bitter and sweet all together rhyming in.


Buddha’s Laughter - 2006

Concern transformed: Laugher of a being that see’s impermanence
and the silliness of things we consider problems


404 - Page not Found - 2007

Time to sail, free of maps; rough waters, brisk Qi