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QiTea - Ethereal

QiTea - Ethereal

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2016 Ethereal (T5-)

  • Can tea be like water?
  • Full expression of yun (tea rhyme, taste perfection)
  • Very complex and satisfying bitter sweetness
  • 100% old tree
  • Deep in the throat strong fresh aftertaste

Can Puerh taste like water, can its Qi feel like water? These are the question this tea sets out to explore and answer.

The more you drink real old tree Puerh, the more you’re likely to appreciate elegant, subtle, refreshing, full taste (and corresponding Qi), and the extreme version of this is a thirst-quenching, fresh, thick, sweet water that leaves you feeling satisfied, with a sense of wellbeing but without being otherwise very noticeable. Can Puerh really do that?

A state of the art blend of old tree and a secret ingredient, pushing the boundaries of modern old tree puerh production, it expresses an ethereal, subtle, deeply satisfying taste and Qi, a great expression of yun (韻).

I’ve been waiting a long time to release this tea because I fear most drinkers that are not very experienced won’t get it. Unlike the two Gold Marks which are obviously good from first sip and nearly everybody “gets it”, this tea requires a good amount of experience in drinking (high quality) puerh or at least a certain degree of concentration and stillness to fully appreciate.

But if you’re one of the lucky few, you’re in for quite an experience. Brew it for many steeps, it will go on longer than you think. I suggest you get at least a 36 grams sample (or better, a slice) to be able to try it multiple times.

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