Doing with Knowing

Old Woman Tea Leaf Picker in Puerh Tea Tree

Shared Moving Meditation

Shared Moving Meditation
Helping the flow of Qi around the body.
Opening channels to the core of our being.



Focus in the Body,

easing blockages in the meridians.
When Qi is more tangible in the body
it is easier to work with.
Stagnancy of flow of chi in the body leads to illness and disease



Doing with Knowing

Uplifting, Opening, Allowing
Conducive to, grounding, embodiment, yoga,
mindfulness, meditation, contemplation,
conversation, connection, communion,


Weight loss to better Skin

for thousands of years used for its antioxidant,
anti-cholesterol, anti-cancer and anti-fat properties.
Lowering blood sugar, improving digestion,
improving eyesight , fighting tooth decay
and bad breath.