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Qi-Tea - Goddess of Clarity

Qi-Tea - Goddess of Clarity

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This Tea has quite a lot of trees material in it and you can taste it immediately.

Classic Nan Nuo mountain, and one of the best factory cakes I’ve tasted of it.

Hint of smokiness, balanced strength, touch of astringency, bitter and sweet all together rhyming in.

Great Qi and affordable, this is one of the finds I’m most proud of and my current favourite.

Half hour latero, the taste is still so strong in the mouth, teas with this combination of great strong taste and depth and duration of aftertaste are rare to find.

Qi is bright and clear (hence the name), making me feel not just “everything is okay” but “everything is okay and my awareness is very sharp”. The Qi is not “jumpy” but very stable and clear.

It’s still got some greenness and “power” that will transform over the years, the first cups are sharp (some bitterness turning into astringency) but very quickly it turns smoother and by the end of the session it can be steeped very long without producing bitterness.

To drank this on empty stomach in the early morning, is not a great idea, this is strong Puerh


This tea has everything I look for in a semi aged Nannuo. Notes of orange peel, orange blossom and light notes of sandalwood. Good stamina and nice uplifting qi. Really solid tea.


This tea caught me by surprise, I was around the 5th infusion and thinking to myself this tea has no noticeable Qi, all of a sudden it hit me hard and pushed me into deep bliss.

I Wouldn’t say this is a bad point more a personal preference, I was wishing for a stronger flavour but again it’s down to taste of the individual and not really why we drink this kind of tea. I strongly recommend this cake if your looking for well priced Qi, just be ready for it because it comes in strong. I hope this review helps you and you find the experience as enjoyable as i did.

Tier 3 Excellent

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