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Root Chakra Symbol - Root Chakra -Tree Energy


Rudra : Shiva - Aksha : Eyes
Tears of Shiva

No single tree is as rich with scriptural references,
spiritual myths and legends as Rudraksha

From the ancient Vedas:
Shiva, contemplating the fate of mankind,
cried a tear, where it fell, arose this tree.

Deeply tied to Shiva, rooted nature, growth, grounding,
Hinduism & Buddhism


Root Chakra - Tree Energy

Rudraksha is traditionally correlated with our first chakra
also called the Root Chakra,
situated at our ‘root’, just off the end of the spinal cord

It is associated with our sense of
survival, stability, security and groundedness.

All that we have achieve in the material world
is derived from the energy of the first chakra.
The life lesson this chakra teaches us is standing up for oneself.
Where the world has many opportunities to disassociate.
To work with Rudraksha is to engage in present
with our foundation on the planet.
  • Walk the Talk - Wear Nature

    Grounding Activewear,

    teaching us the skill of presence.

    These seeds are alive,


    and personal;

    individual just to you

    - Bless You -

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  • Boudhanath - Kathmandu Nepal

    Birthplace of Buddha ,
    tiny, tolerant, welcoming and companionate,
    tucked in the Himalayas ,
    between the rivalling big sisters:
    China & India

    Qerebu is handmade, by Tibetan Buddhists,
    overlooking the stupa ring at Boudhanath,
    then Puga cleansed by Monks.
    A tradition from the dawn of Buddhism.

    Brought to you Dogma free,
    As well, ethically & spiritually clean

    - Thank you for your support -

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  • Original Art

    Each seed ring is natural, unique, original art,
    and is traded as such:
    individually numbered.
    The one you choose,
    is the one you get.

    Living Semi-Precious Gems

    Rare or unique seeds
    are valued
    similarly as semi-precious stones,
    fetching prices into multiple tens of thousands per seed

    Living gemstones
    that fell from a tree, with a natural hole for stringingThe original rosary of every religion

    -Go Nature -

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