• Walk the Talk Wear Nature

    Grounding Activewear,

    teaching us the skill of presence.

    These seeds are alive, unique and personal;

    individual just to you

    - Bless You -

    Walk the Talk 
  • Palden Lhamo

    The Terrifying Female Protector aspect of Tara.
    The most powerful protector diety in Buddhist history.
    She is the fierce aspect of wisdom.
    She is the mother who can lift a car off of a trapped child
    the awesome power of a furious mother.
    super wrathful, enraged, in her power;
    nothing, absolutely nothing, can stand against Her.

    Palden Lhamo 
  • Tooling for the Skill of Presence

    Prayer bead , counting bead , worry bead ,
    massage bead , Practice bead

    These tactile seeds, feel good in the hand,
    it is comforting to rub them between our palms,
    run them over our fingers

    - an, that’s good enough -

    Tooling Presence 
  • Your Powerhand

    A wall of hands

    Hope you join us