• Original Art

    Each seed ring

    is natural,


    original art,
    and is traded

    as such:
    individually numbered.

    The one you choose,
    is the one you get.

    Living Semi-Precious Gems
    Rare or unique seeds
    are valued
    similarly as

    semi-precious stones,
    fetching prices

    into multiple

    tens of thousands

    per seed

    Living gemstones
    that fell from a tree,

    with a natural hole for stringing

    The original rosary of every religion

    -Go Nature -

    Original Art 
  • You are the Polish as well as the Polisher

    A co-created growing enriching relationship
    made of you, by you.
    The seed, new to you, is clean absorbent wood.

    As you wear,

    it absorbs oil,

    your oils.
    Your ring will darken in colour, bonding with you.

    - History Bond -
    Every emotion,
    all our ups

    and downs,
    come through our skin, through our oils,
    polishing a history of our time.

    The longer we wear,

    the deeper the colour,
    the deeper our history-bond.

    this is personal jewellery you never share.
    Let the seeds be oiled by you with your oil alone;
    this is your tool to find your practice in your own way,
    whatever that may be;
    keep it personal,
    keep it yours.

    Polish Polisher 
  • Caring for your seeds

    These living seeds,

    if cared for, will live for hundreds of years.

    Not too wet
    Not too Dry

    Too wet and the seed case will get the signal to sprout, cracking

    the seed casing,

    the endocarp. Occasional rain is fine, but maybe advisable to remove for washing dishes and bathing.
    Too dry, and they will crack, they do not do as well living in a drawer. It is said, they are most alive when one wears them, active in the hand.

    Oil, rubbed in

    or rubbed away

    Seeds getting clogged with standing oil will go black and die.
    The seeds are living wood, they want to absorb protective oil, but do not want to be over soaked.

    As we rub excess polish off furniture, we want to rub excess oil off our seeds.
    To clean use a stiff brush

    Care & Feeding 
  • G-Bead Practice

    The Coloured bead, ‘the G-bead’, is a marker.
    A start-finish marker when one works a practice.

    Loop the seed-ring over your fingers,
    thumb on the G-bead.

    With your thumb, pull onto the first seed,
    give it a quarter turn.
    Again, with your thumb, pull onto the second seed,
    give it a quarter turn.

    Repeat through all the seeds for a circumvolution
    of the seed-ring, from G-bead, around the ring,
    back to the G-bead.

    After a complete revolution of the ring,
    rather than continue in the same direction,
    spin the seed-ring 180 degrees,
    and continue in the direction from which you came.

    This gives the practice swing,
    the feel of a figure eight,
    the flow of the infinity symbol.

    Grounding Practice