Caring for your seeds

Monks walk up Sky temple staircase - Caring for your seeds

 These living seeds,

if cared for,

will live for hundreds of years.


Not too wet - Not too dry

Too wet and the seed case will get the signal to sprout, cracking the seed casing, the endocarp. Occasional rain is fine, but maybe advisable to remove for washing dishes and bathing.
Too dry, and they will crack, they do not do as well living in a drawer. It is said, they are most alive when one wears them, active in the hand.

Oil, rubbed in or rubbed away

Seeds getting clogged with standing oil will go black and die.
The seeds are living wood, they want to absorb protective oil, but do not want to be over soaked. As we rub excess polish off furniture, we want to rub excess oil off our seeds.
To clean use a stiff brush

No Gurus

Different traditions direct soaking in sacred milks and butters.
We strongly disagree with this practice;
this puts the guru between you and your seeds.
let the seeds be oiled by you with your oil alone;
this is your tool to find your practice in your own way,
whatever that may be;
keep it personal, keep it yours. 

  • Walk the Talk - Wear Nature

    Grounding Activewear,

    teaching us the skill of presence.

    These seeds are alive,


    and personal;

    individual just to you

    - Bless You -

    Seed - Why 
  • Boudhanath - Kathmandu Nepal

    Birthplace of Buddha ,
    tiny, tolerant, welcoming and companionate,
    tucked in the Himalayas ,
    between the rivalling big sisters:
    China & India

    Qerebu is handmade, by Tibetan Buddhists,
    overlooking the stupa ring at Boudhanath,
    then Puga cleansed by Monks.
    A tradition from the dawn of Buddhism.

    Brought to you Dogma free,
    As well, ethically & spiritually clean

    - Thank you for your support -

    Seed - Where 
  • Original Art

    Each seed ring is natural, unique, original art,
    and is traded as such:
    individually numbered.
    The one you choose,
    is the one you get.

    Living Semi-Precious Gems

    Rare or unique seeds
    are valued
    similarly as semi-precious stones,
    fetching prices into multiple tens of thousands per seed

    Living gemstones
    that fell from a tree, with a natural hole for stringingThe original rosary of every religion

    -Go Nature -

    Seed - What