conducive - connecting - mindful

1 tiny pot , 6g tea , tiny cups ; fast invusions - over and over and over

  • Doing with Knowing

    Shared Moving

    Helping the flow
    of Qi around the body.

    Opening channels
    to the core of our being.


    Focus in the Body,

    easing blockages
    in the meridians.

    When Qi is more
    tangible in the body

    it is easier to
    work with.


    Doing with Knowing

    Opening, Allowing

    Conducive to,
    grounding, embodiment, yoga,

    meditation, contemplation,

    connection, communion,



    Doing with Knowing 
  • XiShuangBanNa Yunnan China

    "twelve thousand acres" in the local Dai (Thai) language.
    it is the two thousand year old home of tea.

    Deep Jungle Tea Trees.
    The southwest hook of China,
    snuggled in between Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar and Thailand,
    nurtured by the Lancang / Mekong river.
    It is the only piece of tropical forest inside China’s borders,
    0.2% of the land supporting 24% of China’s biodiversity
    and the only place where elephants still live in their natural habitat in China

  • Camellia Sinensis

    There are six kinds of tea:
    White, Green, Yellow, Black, Oolong, and Pu’erh Tea
    All from the same plant: Camellia sinensis
    It is the processing that makes each different.

    While the others are pushed to become immediately palatable,
    Puerh is aged ,fermenting over years,
    utilising the bacterial and fungal cultures naturally present on the leaves
    as they grow in the dense Yunnan rainforest;
    the birthplace of Tea.
    Puerh is the original tea, processed old school.

    Camillia Sinensis 
  • The Sublime Art of Tea Ceremony

    Among plant medicines,
    Puerh Tea is the most subtle and profound: the most subtle is the most transformative because it goes the deepest in our beings.

    Kung Fu Style

    thought-provoking and at the same time relaxing
    creating a close connection to nature

    Small Tea Pot - Small Cups,
    Lot o Leaves - Multiple Short Brews
    - Savour Slowly -

    Art of Tea Ceremony 
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