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Qi-Tea - Pitcher -

Qi-Tea - Pitcher -

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Tea Pitcher - Cha Hai - Sea of Tea - Fair Cup

Elegant Cha Hai with a amber-hued glass handle. Heat-tempered glass that is also dishwasher safe. Nice pour and feels stable in the hand during use.

Pitcher or Cha Hai ( sea of tea ) or Fair Cup, is a vessel that serves to control the strength of the brew, and communize the pour.

After brewing the tea for a certain amount of time , tea should be decanted into a cha hai, a pitcher, from which it gets poured into individual cups. This method ensures that the tea leaves do not continue to steep in between each pour.

A little tea pot will pour for two or three participants. If pouring for four peeps, brew tea stronger, then in pitcher (Cha Hai) add some hot water from the kettle. This will give everyone a good sized cup of tea.

In Chinese cha hai is also called “goon dao bei” or “bowl of impartiality” because it lets each participant enjoy the same brew. Uncertainty is a vector for restless thoughts, the pitcher is one more way to remove monkey mind worry from the tea ceremony. When we clearly share an equal experience, we avoid thoughts of comparison and we pull the circle together.

high borosilicate heat-resistant glass

300 ml volume

160 grams , 222 grams ( boxed) shipping weight

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