P1005 - ZeroG Oath Ring 17+ cm M+

P1005 - ZeroG Oath Ring 17+ cm M+

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Seed Face

P1005 - ZeroG Oath Ring - 17+ cm wrist

1 ZeroG bead, and 12, 21 mm, B grade, 5 face Rudraksha stones

This lovely Oath Ring fits a 17+ cm wrist, has a single ZeroG bead and 12 Rudraksha stones ( endocarp or seed pod). Each Rudraksha is 21 mm, with 5 faces, (which means 5 seeds are in each stone, that is 60 living (viable) seeds are in this Oath Ring .
Rudraksha are of high quality, (grade B), have been colour and size matched to create a unified living Oath Ring, you will have for life.

Your Oath Ring has been created by skilled Tibetian Buddhists, then in keeping with practice and tradition blessed in the Tibetian temple at Boudhanath Kathmandu.

Your Oath Ring comes to you fresh clean & spiritually neutral, ready for you to bond and begin your journey. Your Oath Ring will take your colour as you wear, and live on for eight generations.

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