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B1404 - Bodhi Seed Chaplet 14 cm S

B1404 - Bodhi Seed Chaplet 14 cm S

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Seed Face

B1404 - Bodhi Seed Chaplet - 14 cm wrist

1 Bodhi Seed bead, and 21, 8 mm, BB grade, 6 face Rudraksha stones

This lovely Chaplet fits a 14 cm wrist, has a single Bodhi Seed bead and 21 Rudraksha stones ( endocarp or seed pod). Each Rudraksha is 8 mm, with 6 faces, (which means 6 seeds are in each stone, that is 126 living (viable) seeds are in this Chaplet .
Rudraksha are of high quality, (grade BB), have been colour and size matched to create a unified living Chaplet, you will have for life.

Your Chaplet has been created by skilled Tibetian Buddhists, then in keeping with practice and tradition blessed in the Tibetian temple at Boudhanath Kathmandu.

Your Chaplet comes to you fresh clean & spiritually neutral, ready for you to bond and begin your journey. Your Chaplet will take your colour as you wear, and live on for eight generations.


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Original Art

Each seed ring is natural, unique, original art,
and is traded as such:
individually numbered.
The one you choose,
is the one you get.

Seed - What ?
  • Walk the Talk - Wear Nature

    Grounding Activewear,

    teaching us the skill of presence.

    These seeds are alive,


    and personal;

    individual just to you

    - Bless You -

    Seed - Why 
  • Boudhanath - Kathmandu Nepal

    Birthplace of Buddha ,
    tiny, tolerant, welcoming and companionate,
    tucked in the Himalayas ,
    between the rivalling big sisters:
    China & India

    Qerebu is handmade, by Tibetan Buddhists,
    overlooking the stupa ring at Boudhanath,
    then Puga cleansed by Monks.
    A tradition from the dawn of Buddhism.

    Brought to you Dogma free,
    As well, ethically & spiritually clean

    - Thank you for your support -

    Seed - Where 
  • Wrist Size

    To pick a seed ring,

    start with size:

    Fit comes first.

    Most people find more comfort in a looser fit,

    as the Seed Ring is Active Ware; on and off the wrist.

    Strung on elastic, the Seed Ring will stretch over your wrist,

    but larger often is better to be able to roll it up the mid arm, out of the way

    for keyboard work or washing dishes.

    Measure across the widest part of your hand with your thumb tucked in.

    This is your Bangle size:

    Look between these two sizes, wrist size & bangle size.

    Wrist Size Guide