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Modern life is full of distractions. 

Tea quietens the mind and enables one to interact with the world from a calm, kind, wise space.

Some of us have busy professional lives and use their tea practice to gain some space and perspective in their lives,

some of us are artists or entrepreneurs and use tea as inspiration for their creations,

some of us have quieter lives that are guided by Tea and spiritual practice, and a few other life circumstances.

We meet as friends, with an attitude of loving kindness towards ourselves and each other,

slowly trying to discover, with humour and space,

what life is about, what makes us feel fulfilled, what’s deeply satisfying.

We don’t philosophize, we simply drink Tea mindfully, slowly experiencing the tea, becoming quiet, still, inspired, creative,

allowing it to permeate our world view, making it a bit more spacious, kinder, satisfied, wiser.