Meditation in the Marketplace

Dynamic - Shared - Flowing - Improvisation

Give an Hour

conducive - connecting - mindful

1 tiny pot , 6g tea , tiny cups ; fast invusions - over and over and over

  • Tea - Where ?

    Puerh , or Pu-er comes from China, from Yunan province

  • Tea - Why ?

    Shared, Moving, Meditation

  • Tea - What ?

    Camellia Sinensis var. Assamica

The Philosopher - 2010

Soft Breeze old Tree
A very more-ish Tea with a lot of depth and patience


Metta - Loving Kindness - 2004

This tea is soft and gentle,
goes on for a long time with very good sweetness


Goddess Of Clarity - 2005

Hint of smokiness, balanced strength, touch of astringency,
bitter and sweet all together rhyming in.


Buddha’s Laughter - 2006

Concern transformed: Laugher of a being that see’s impermanence
and the silliness of things we consider problems


404 - Page not Found - 2007

Time to sail, free of maps; rough waters, brisk Qi